Best Time

Best time to visit Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is from September 16th to June 15th. Permits to the Watch Tower are made from Lataguri Nature Interpretation Centre and Garumara North Range Office at Chalsa.

Visiting Hours


Issuing Time


Issuing Time

Morning Session

1st Shift – 6 to 8 am

2nd Shift – 8 to 10 am

5:30 am

7:00 am

6:30 to 8:30 am

8:30 to 10:30 am

6:00 am

7:30 am

Afternoon Session

1st Shift – 2 to 4 pm

2nd Shift – 8 to 10 am

1:00 pm

3:00 pm

1:00 to 3:00 pm

3:00 to 5:00 pm

12:00 noon

2:00 pm


Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for its mega sized herbivores such as the Elephant and bison locally called gaur. Cheetal, Sambar, Barking Deer, Wildboar, Pangolin are also present in the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary provides an excellent opportunity for study of the habitat, behavior, food, population dynamics of these animals. Royal Bengal Tiger can also be spotted here in the Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary.

Bird Watchers paradise

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is popular for its scenic beauty of forested landscape with rive rain ecosystem. The Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is  ideal place for bird watching. Different types of birds can be spotted in this region such as Green Magpie, Indian Treepie, Thrush, Scarlet Minivet, Hill Mayna, Whitr Breasted Kingfisher, Hornbill, Large Grey Headed Fishing Eagle, Adjutant Stork etc. the most common water birds are the large and little Cormorant, Darter & Egret. Migratory birds include the Brahminy and Teals.

Reservation of Govt. Bunglow

For reservation of Chapramari Inspection Bungalow and Wilderness Camp at Panjhora please contact-
Divisional Forest Officer,
Wildlife Division – II
“Aranya Bhawan”, Jalpaiguri – 735101
Tel. + Fax : 03561-220017
e-mail :
Lataguri N.I.C., Tel. + Fax: +91-3561-266340

Other Govt. Accommodations in Chapramari & Nearest Places –

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2.    Gorumara Eco-village, Kalipur
3.    Gorumara Tents, Murty
4.    Gorumara Rhino Camp, Ramsai
5.    Gorumara Hornbill Nest, Bichabhanga
6.    Chapramari Wilderness Camp, Panjhora
7.    Nature Interpretation Centre (Lataguri)

Accommodations are also available in W.B.F.D.C Ltd. Resorts in Murti.